Hi, I'm Martin Nerurkar.

I love games.

At the tender age of six I was already designing board games and trying to build video games on our C64. My passion for interactive entertainment has only grown since.

I love to create.

When I wasn't playing, I was busy building something; Whether by writing, sketching or making music. I'm driven by creative expression, no matter the medium or field.

I love people.

I take great pleasure in making new friends and collaborating with them. The exchange of views and knowledge inspires me tremendously. That's why I talk a lot.

Welcome, enjoy and feel free to get in touch. - Martin

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Skills & Services

Game and Interaction Design

I'm a design freelancer for game and app developers, publishers and other entertainment companies. I have worked on a wide range of products and am comfortable with all manner of genres and platforms. My work history includes a variety of design disciplines, including level, game and interface design.

I am based in Karlsruhe, Germany and I can provide support in all stages of development. Be it high concepts, design documentation or feature design. My technical and artistic skills also allow me to provide support with content creation.


  • 7 years hobby game development
  • 2 years game & level designer
  • 1 year lead game designer
  • 4 years freelance designer
  • Architecture degree (dipl.-ing.)
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
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Games & Projects

  • Touch of Death (mobile)

    Game Design & Artwork


  • Hipster Zombies (mobile)

    Game Design & Artwork


  • Knuddels Android (mobile)

    Interaction Design


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  • KingsAge (Browser)

    Game Design


  • MonsterSaga (Browser)

    Game Design


  • G-Force (PSP & NDS)

    Level Design & Scripting


  • Anno: Create a New World (Wii & NDS)

    Level Design & Scripting


  • Digital Game Spaces (Diploma)

    Research & Writing


  • Napshell (Furniture)

    Design & Development


  • Eden Eclipse (PC)

    Game Design & Artwork


  • Neocron (PC)

    Writing & Artwork


  • Navy SEALs: Covert Operations (PC)

    Game Design, Artwork & Managment


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Experiments & Game Jams

  • Different

    Complete Development


  • Sushi Hands

    Complete Development


  • Happy Birthday

    Complete Development


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  • Shadowland

    Complete Development


Current project

Burning Roads - Artist Wanted!

Burning Roads is a roguelike with a turn-based card-based conflict resolution mechanic. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world and has the player build and lead a convoy to safety. The game is currently in the early development phase and planned for release in very late 2015 on as many platforms as possible.

I am currently looking for an artist-collaborator to join me in developing the game. A strong style, some experience with game development and technical expertise are required.

Visit Burning Roads web page
  • Burning Roads

    Game Design & Development

    In progress...


  • Hipster Zombies Analysis

    Making Games (print)


  • Crowdfunding: Good, Bad and Ugly

    Making Games (print)


  • No More Wrong Turns

    Gamasutra (web)


Lectures & Talks

Gamification for Gamers 30min lecture Bizplay 2014
Unity Basics Crash Course 3h lecture Online 2014
Archetypical Spaces 20min lecture A MAZE Berlin 2013
Der perfekte Baukasten 30min lecture Level Up, Karlsruhe 2013
The Indie Brain on F2P 20min lecture A MAZE Berlin 2012
Experiencing Environments 2h lecture Various 2011
Big Bucks for Bits and Bytes 50min lecture GDC Europe 2011
Qualities of Virtual Goods 50min lecture Browsergames Forum 2010

Workshops & Classes

Introduction to Level Design Design Workshop SAE Stuttgart 2014
Introduction to Game Design Full course Games Academy Frankfurt 2013
Environmental Level Design Workshop International Film School Cologne 2011
First Person Shooter Level Design Full course Games Academy Frankfurt 2009-2011

Other Projects

Community Projects

  • Indie Arena

    German indie game dev community


  • Game Culture Club

    Local game design discussion group


Video Game Projects

  • Sharkbomb Studios

    My indie game development studio


  • Game Architecture

    My blog on games and virtual spaces


Role-Playing Projects

  • Tricktonic

    Assorted RPG downloads


  • ORExalted

    Exalted using the One-Roll-Engine RPG